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Between the mountains of Prades and the Priorat.


Three years walking and rambling took us to the Mas del Salín. Its ruins near a straw-yard spoke of a harsh and distant past, that according to some historians, could be in the thirteenth century, when Occitan Cathars took refuge in the mountains of Prades and around the Serra de Montsant fleeing from the Inquisition.

Leaving behind all we had in town we decided to bring back to life the farmhouse making it our home. Now we live here: the fireplace burns, the sun gives us electricity and the wood from the forest, heating and hot water. And soon our organic garden will begin to bear fruits. We have prepared everything so that the home is also comfortable for you. Let the senses talk about the sounds of the forest, of the rosemary’s scent, the smoke of burning wood or a sky lit at sunset: and as if by magic, the stress will be gone.

We expect your visit.