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Leaving everything we had in town, we decided to give back life to the farmhouse


We are Judith and Ramon, we have four dogs: Pinyol, Oliva, Pelut and Bruna. We also have four little cats: Fosca, Cara Bruta, Negreta and Carbonet.

There is only one thing that Judith prefers to countryside, that's music, that’s why in the living room you will see a piano that she plays in private when necessary.

Ramon loves the land and everything about the Cathars. But when fall arrives you will see that he is crazy about mushrooms: rovellons, fredolics and other species are his preferred conversation subject.

Pinyol, Oliva, Pelut, Bruna, Fosca, Cara Bruta, Negreta and Carbonet are our pets and give us a lot of good company.